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Coin Mechanism Repair & Software Upgrade

We Repair & Upgrade Software on Coin Mechanisms To Accept New Coins...

Coin Mechanism Repair & Refurbishment

Dirt is a major cause of malfunctioning and therefore cleaning is a prominent of field servicing. Apart from general cleaning procedures it is advised to clean the coin paths, dispenser arms and guides must also be cleaned on a regular basis.

Use only a soft damp cloth, cotton buds or a brush with a foam cleaner (i.e. Amberclens or similar)

More cleaning and maintenance procedures you can find in the coin mechanisms manuals, you can find them in our under Coin Mechanis & Tokent Section.

If malfunctioning persists it is advised to inspect coin mechanism by authorized engineer for further maintenance.

Vendparts Offer

• Repair and calibration to factory standard
• 5 day turn around on all products
• Urgent repair or reprogramming can be done immediately.
• All repair and service work carried out in our workshop carries a 3 month's warranty
• Provide product documentation and manuals.
• Update to new 5's, 10s, and 20's pp currency
• This includes replacements of all faulty parts - Depends on customer request
• We do service exchange
• Inspection
• Testing
• Fault Finding


• Depending on complexity of an issue and parts required prices start at £35.00 per coin mechanism
• Coin mechanism software update at £55.00
• Postage £12.00 - We only use tracked and compensated next day courier to deliver electronic goods

Got questions? Feel Free To Contact Us...

Phone: 01756 700 005
Email: sales@vendparts.co.uk
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Got questions? Feel Free To Contact Us...

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