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Green Products

Who We ARE
• Vendparts Ltd., UK is the exclusive authorised manufacturing and reselling partner in
the United Kingdom for Green Energy Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“GEMT”) an international custom and specialist plastics manufacturing entity based in Thailand and serving the ASEAN, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

• As a member of the Mekong Basin Consortium, GEMT offers under its manufacturing
sector. highly diversified plant-based plastic products and is a specialist for OEM/ODM world class manufacturing services in Asia. It imports and markets its products through Vendparts Ltd., UK for their customers in Europe.

• Green Energy Marketing Thailand is a customODM/OEM manufacturing facility located in Nakhon Pathom an hour outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

• We work closely with the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) in the promotion of Thai based plastics manufacturers worldwide.

• Our in-house plant-based plastics R&D team is led by Prof. Dr. Phietoon Trevijitkasem a world authority and expert on plant based-compostable plastics and is responsible for its development under the ISO mandate.
Who We ARE
Sustainable Green Technology
• 100% Plant Based
• ISO Certified - Seed Logo
• Internationally Accepted
• Seed Logo Globally Recognised
• Complies with ISO 17088 and BSI EN 13432::2000
Sustainable Green Technology
Reduce Reuse Recycle
• Our product starts from a plant and ends up as natural fertiliser.
• Our products contain no regular plastic film, lining, synthetics, chemicals or bleaching materials.
• Truly sustainable for our environment.
Reduce Reuse Recycle
• Tapioca is a sustainable natural crop.

• Our production facilities are located very near our supply chain providers reducing the need for expensive transport costs thus reducing the carbon footprint.

• Our products are made from a tapioca based plant which is a renewable resource. Our manufacturing partners Green Energy Marketing Thailand have over 30 years of research, operational experience, and are world leaders in plant-based plastics.
Water Bottles
• Our bottled water containers are 100% compostable.

• It is available with our natural spring water and underground aquifers.

• Manufactured to ISO 17088:2008 Specifications for compostable plastics.
Water Bottles
Why Us?
• Green Energy Marketing (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is strategically placed
to work with some of the world’s leading plant based
manufacturing facilities out Bangkok, Thailand.

• Thailand is the world’s leading plant based plastics manufacturing hub. Being closer to our raw materials allows for faster, reliable, cost effective and high quality
manufacturing services based on Just in Time (JIT) methodology.

• We work closely with the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) in ensuring that all global standards and validations for our customers are in place. The outcome of this is our consistent quality and reliability for each and every production output.

• With quality control based on ISO standards in place, our products too are certified to be ISO compliant with existing and new standards definitions.
Why Us?

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