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PCBs Inspection & Repair

Full PCBs Service From Vendparts

Typically you can save 80% of the cost on OEM supplied PCB by reworking and repairing the existing board. Many boards of course are obsolete but because component parts remain available repair is the only economic option.

Investment in the leading edge DiagnoSYS PCB analysis equipment enables us to accept work from all areas in industry - from vending machines, treadmills to dishwashers. 24h PCB exchange is available from over 100 circuit boards kept in our store from most popular vending machine companies as: Automatic Products, Booth, Crane, Dixie Narco, FAS, Klix, Nectar, N&W Global, Sielaff, Stentorfield, Westomatic, Wittenborg, Zanussi.

We Provide

• Quick turnaround - we can offer hot swap boards for many common applications
• Automated failure analysis - ensuring consistent high quality and low costs
• Fixed cost repairs on most boards
• 3 Months warranty on all repairs
• Fast friendly service from a business established nearly 40 years

Vendparts Offer The Following Services In PCB Repair

• Chip component removal and replacement
• Gull Wing and J Lead removal (2 and 4 sided)
• Product refurbishment and upgrade
• Track and pad repair
• Track and cut replacements
• Full PCB inspection and testing


• Depending on complexity of an issue and parts required prices start at £35.00 per board
• Minimum inspection fee of £15.00 is applied
• Postage £12.00 - We only use tracked and compensated next day courier to deliver electronic goods

Investing in Accuracy

We use the latest and most modern Automated Optical Comparator Checks to quickly identify and isolate PCB board failures and confirm components in need of replacement and/or the board area for repair.

By investing in the latest in automated Optical Technology from Diagnosys in combination with the FaultFinder System we are able to repair printed circuit boards with complete accuracy using:-

High level graphical software for ease of use
152 Flexible Test Channels for fault isolation
Powerful Analog test capability
Safe backdrive capability
Fully compliant to Def Stan 00-53
No test fixture needed
VI Signature, Test of 3.3v circuit
High productivity system using the proven TestVue32 Software

Powerful digital and analog capabilities make the FaultFinder system a leading PCB fault analysis and diagnostic system.
With rapid and excellent return on investment the FaultFinder is ideally suited to PCB repair and failure analysis environments.
Having 152 test channels dedicated to synchronised active driver cards,
Analog Network Signatures, and Digital Guards, the FaultFinder provides extensive circuit analysis capability without the need for test fixturing.

Got questions? Feel Free To Contact Us...

Phone: 01756 700 005
Email: sales@vendparts.co.uk
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Got questions? Feel Free To Contact Us...

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